Hatepinks Plastic Bag Ambitions

Sixteen-and-a-half minutes of self-described "maximum minimalist garage-punk” are offered up here from this French four-piece, courtesy of California’s TKO Records. The obvious musical reference point would be the Briefs, or pretty much anything else on Rip Off Records for that matter. A sweet amalgamation of new wave, power pop and ’77 era punk rock that results in a spazzed-out, messed-up, downright dirty and deliciously dysfunctional musical style. Not that it matters, but the lyrics are printed in French, yet sung in gargled and garbled English, so who the heck knows what songs like "Tupperware Love” or "Kissing Cops With My Ass” are about. In summation: hook-laden punk rock that is snappy, snippy, snide and snotty. Pogo! (TKO)