Billy Bragg Targeted by Hatemail Campaign

Billy Bragg Targeted by Hatemail Campaign
It's no secret Billy Bragg is an outspoken left-wing advocate, with his campaigns recently supporting unions and protesting bank bonuses. Unfortunately, Bragg's politics have earned him a number of enemies, and the songwriter was recently the victim of a hatemail campaign.

The folk punk icon lives in the small English town of Burton Bradstock. According to the Telegraph, around 30 letters were sent to residents of the village, condemning Bragg's political views. Simon Holdcroft was one of the people who received a letter, and he described it as a "racist rant" that claimed the songwriter was "anti-British, pro-immigration and called him the village fool."

Bragg responded to the letter, saying that it had been written by "a disgruntled supporter of the British National Party," a controversial British political group. The songwriter said, "Fortunately, the BNP are a busted flush, their divisive politics rejected by the electorate at the last election, their organization now collapsing into in-fighting. This letter is nothing more than the powerless ranting of a bitter individual who is angry that, even in a sleepy village like ours, people reject the politics of racism."

He continued, "I'm sorry if anyone who received this letter was disturbed by its contents. My advice to any recipients is to throw it in the bin where it belongs. I will continue to campaign against racism wherever I find it."

Perhaps this incident will inspire some politically minded songs on Bragg's next album.