Hatebreed Plan Covers Album

Hatebreed Plan Covers Album
From Rod Stewart’s regular American Songbook series to Scarlett Johansson’s recent Tom Waits experiment, there’s no denying that everyone, from casual music listeners to diehard nerds, are fond of cover albums. Soon to enter that realm will be Connecticut hardcore tough guys Hatebreed, who plan to drop an album of covers in early 2009.

Guitarist Frank Novinec told Billboard about the project, stating: "At first we were kind of just screwing around for the hell of it, recording other bands' songs. It wasn't intended to be released. But the more that we got into it, it was like, 'Hey, let's roll with it' and became something we wanted to do."

So, what will they be covering? Christmas carols? Gospel songs? "It's bands that influenced us, not only metal but from the hardcore scene as well. We thought the timing was right. Our band's been together for over a decade now, so we're able to pull off something like this, something different than the same old record you put out. People who are fans of the band can enjoy it, and it gives people who don't know our band and our influences a little taste of it."

Among those influences are Metallica, Marauder, the Misfits, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All and many others.

The band are currently writing their next studio album and will release the concert DVD Live Dominance next week.

Hatebreed "Live For This” (from the Live Dominance DVD)