Hatebreed Confirm Tracklisting For Covers Album, May Release

Hatebreed Confirm Tracklisting For Covers Album, May Release
While not an overwhelming amount of activity, there have been a few items of note in the Hatebreed camp as of late. As we previously reported, the New Haven, CT hardcore outfit have a covers album titled For The Lions, which they've finally completed. It will be released via E1 Music (formerly Koch Records, as explained in a recent Exclaim! news story) on May 5.

The follow-up to their incredibly successful DVD debut, Live Dominance, which reached the top of Billboard's charts, For The Lions features Hatebreed renditions of hand-picked tracks the band feel were most influential in shaping their sound and style. The album was produced, engineered and mixed by long-time cohort Chris "Zeuss" Harris.

The release of For The Lions also marks the departure of guitarist Sean Martin, who will be replaced by - of all people - original guitarist Wayne Lozinak. He left the band in 1996. Vocalist Jamey Jasta gave an official statement announcing the decision, saying, "I speak on behalf of all of us and we support Sean's decision to leave and want him to be happy and successful at everything he does. There are no bad feelings at all and you'll probably see him hanging on stage at some of our local shows. We're family and he will be missed but Hatebreed will forge on."

For The Lions tracklisting:

Slayer "Ghosts of War"
Cro-Mags "It's The Limit"
Suicidal Tendencies "Suicidal Maniac"
Sepultura "Refuse/Resist"
Metallica "Escape"
Bad Brains "Supertouch/Shitfit"
Misfits "Hatebreeders"
D.R.I. "Evil Minds"
Madball "Set It Off"
Sick Of It All "Shut Me Out"
Black Flag "Thirsty"
Negative Approach "Sick Of Talk"
Crowbar "All I Had I Gave"
Merauder "Life Is Pain"
Agnostic Front "Your Mistake"
Judge "Hear Me"
Obituary "I'm In Pain"
Subzero "Boxed In"

Hatebreed "Before Dishonor"