Harvey Milk Life... The Best Game In Town

Beastly, tectonic metal that prides itself on pilfering from the fuzzy, unforgettable guitar riffs of early Sabbath and smashing them through a Melvins-ish wringer of structural weirdness, rumbling and imposing oddity, Harvey Milk are the precursor to every modern doom metal band of today. First unleashing their slabs of monolithic sludge in the ’90s and now in the throes of revival thanks to ground broken by followers such as Boris, Mastodon and even Pelican, the band truly are the best game in town. Occasionally slipping into a slight Southern rock feel before pulling an about-face and raging through a grumbling bout of Kittens-esque musical manslaughter, these ten tracks feel strangely disjointed yet unified all at the same time. Rough-hewn, dirty and just plain scary, Life... The Best Game In Town is entirely compelling. (Hydra Head)