Hardcore Band Frontwoman Accused of Faking Cancer for Money

Hardcore Band Frontwoman Accused of Faking Cancer for Money
Hali Etie, the former frontwoman for Erie, PA, hardcore outfit Counterfeit, has been accused of fraudulently taking thousands of dollars from punk fans with a fake cancer diagnosis.

The Michigan chapter of Hardcore Cares, a non-profit organization that generally helps abused animals, has explained in a statement that it was duped into helping organize an August 14 benefit show in Detroit for Etie, who had said that she had been suffering from Stage 3 cervical cancer. Between July and September, the organization helped solicit donations as well and sold T-shirts for Etie's cause. Though the exact number is unclear, it's alleged that several thousand dollars were given to Etie.

Details haven't been offered in full, but Hardcore Cares says an unidentified post written on September 6 addressed its suspicions of a possible fraud incident and that "all the facts came together and her [Etie] story crumbled." The organization is left "devastated."

"Hali and Counterfeit have been a mainstay with HCC from early on," Hardcore Cares wrote in its official statement of its initial backing. "We had no reason not to believe the claims were in fact true. Even after a private message from a concerned individual that the claims were false we backed her and supported her."

It added: "Here is a woman we had great respect for on a musical and personal level that had used us like so many others throughout this escapade."

Etie has yet to respond on the matter, but Hardcore Cares says it will not be pressing charges against the alleged fraudster. It also clarified that the rest of Counterfeit, who had broken up this past spring but performed in Detroit in August, are not to blame for the incident either. Those members now perform in a band called No Control.

"We will not spend anymore time, energy, or resource on this matter," Hardcore Cares concluded. "We still have a great amount of respect for the 3 other members of Counterfeit. Let it be known that the existing members are in NO WAY a part of the fraud. Our heart & respect go out to all that gave, donated and backed Hali in her time of need. This will not be the straw that breaks the camel's back for HCC. We will continue our mission, we will continue to grow and we will continue to give when and where we can."

You can read Hardcore Cares' full statement over here.

As for the other former members of Counterfeit, Lambgoat was given the following statement regarding Etie: "She's a piece of shit and the rest of the band does not support her."