Hard Skin Same Meat Different Gravy

London’s premier Skinhead satirists Fat Bob, Johnny Takeaway, and Nipper are at it again, slipping their second full-length in. The band are Hard Skin and this is a full-on piss-take of the original UK Oi! sound. These guys have their shtick honed down to a fine art and with song titles like "Still Fighting Thatcher,” "Make My Tea,” and "Two Chords — Two Fingers,” you know where they’re coming from. This is crucial listening for all fans of street music and even sussed skinheads who might suffer from taking themselves a bit too seriously. At the end of the day, Hard Skin are only living up to that old skinhead adage: having a laugh and having a say. Well, these guys are mostly just having a laugh. Track down one of their interviews and you’ll soon discover that, unlike their ridiculously inferior imitators (yes, there are other parody-acts clamouring onto the bandwagon), they’re full of wit and wisdom as well as cheap lager. Hard Skin are in a class of their own and that’s the way "wot” it "woz” meant to be, know what I mean? Accept no substitutes. Oi! Oi! Oi! (TKO)