Hard Feelings 'Welwyn Street'

Hard Feelings 'Welwyn Street'
Vancouver's Hard Feelings are currently on hiatus, but the band managed to track a few cuts before guitarist-vocalist Al Boyle packed his bags and moved to Toronto in May. What came out of the sessions is the five-track Welwyn Street.

Recorded by Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Kathryn Calder), Welwyn Street picks ups where 2011's D.R.B.C., the outfit's final recording with late drummer Devon Clifford, left off. The group continue to take influence from the Wipers and Hot Snakes, especially on the tightly wound, syncopated post-punk riff rocker "Youth Influence."

Boyle's vocals on melodramatic fist-pounder "Rooftop Scene" are just as scratchy and blown-out as on past work, but take on a heart-tugging tone as he recalls good times spent with some buds and a couple of brews.

Despite the uncertain future of Hard Feelings, Boyle told Exclaim! he's currently putting together a new band with the Ketamines' Paul Lawton. As for the others, guitarist Darcy Hancock is working on that still unofficially announced Ladyhawk LP and drummer Nick Yacyshyn pounds the skins in Vancity crusties Baptists, among others.

You can download Welwyn Street over on Bandcamp or stream it below.