Hard Charger Hard Charger

Easily the gruffest, most venomous band Canada has had since Kittens, Fredericton’s Hard Charger dispel any myth that the Great White North can’t blast with the best of them on this ferocious eponymous effort. Taking influences from punk rock’n’roll’s expediency, as defined by genre greats such as Zeke and Hookers, yet roughing up the edges even more with the curtness and low-end rumbling exemplified by Venom, Disfear and Discharge, Hard Charger is a relentless hammering of frenzied drums, crackling guitars and guttural vocals that borders on an attack equivalent to Death Breath or Blood Duster. Gutsy and confrontational without seeming bone-headed, there’s a sinister aura about Hard Charger. (No List)