Hanzel und Gretyl Uber Alles

Alles may be uber in their world, but alles not necessarily uber on this questionable release. I guess I’m getting tired of the legions of "schtick” acts in the industrial dance genre. Allow me to illustrate: when you open the CD case, you see the two all done up in leather and lederhosen. Fine, again with goofy costuming, but how about the music? Most of the lyrics are German but fairly easy to translate ("ich bin der mutter fikker” — "Ich bin uber alles”) and fascist themes abound. Now, with songs like "SS deathstar supergalactik” I’ll assume that they’re being tongue-in-cheek, but as in many other cases, is this just being used to cover up the fact that they’re cranking out power chord-laden industrial/metal/dance with stompy beats, blippy sequencing and guitar solos that has nothing more to offer than Rammstein on a bad, bad day? If you’re goin’ "Rammstein who?” then maybe give this a listen, but tedium will likely set in between songs four and six, depending on your mood and how many drinks you’ve had. I may sound like Simon Cowell, but "wot else is new?” They should worry less about the damn shtick, get back in the studio and do something original. If you want real industrial dance of the Deutsch variety, go out and get thyself a KMFDM record. (Metropolis)