North Carolina-based producer Hanz's (Brandon Juhans) debut album, Reducer, is a bit of an anomaly in that it sounds entirely familiar while remaining completely foreign all at once. Each track features a repetitive, twisted amalgamation of dizzying samples woven into tracks that are seemingly static yet unfixed.
Imagine a drone strike simultaneously infiltrating DJ Shadow's Entroducing… and UNKLE's Psyence Fiction, or Flying Lotus and Run the Jewels collaborating, amping up the abstract and dousing the entirety in cinematic verve, and it might sound something like "Dues." And whether intentional or not, "Capsule" plays like an abstract, breakbeat version of Massive Attack's "Man Next Door," with a striking elastic bounce in the bass line.
Hanz's Reducer is an industrial playground, a completely unpredictable and ambitious debut. (Tri Angle)
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