Hanoi Rocks Twelve Shots on the Rocks

Finland's finest glam rock/street trash export are back, after 17 years apart, and they deliver the goods in a shockingly adept and raucous fashion on this excellent comeback record. Twelve Shots on the Rocks actually features 17 cuts (a bit lengthy, but it's been a long time), none of which fall into the realm of filler; from feel-good rockers like "Obscured" to the drunken broken-heartedness of "In My Darkest Moment," this is solid rock and roll, genuine and memorable. As always, the guys turn tales of being down and out into anthems. Hanoi Rocks have always been so endearing, their flirtations with melodic pop, ‘50s sounds here and there and trashed-out punk only making me love them that much more over the years. The grit that has always put these guys at the top of the rock heap is still fully intact, shocking for a comeback release. And hey, stop laughing: without these guys there would probably be no Guns N' Roses, which says something, for better or for worse. (Liquor and Poker)