Hanni El Khatib "Family" (video)

Hanni El Khatib 'Family' (video)
It took video director Nick Walker three years to get a jotted-down idea of a "Wild Asian Motorcycle Sex Gang" into a music video, but he's finally fulfilled the dream with a new clip for Hanni El Khatib's "Family."

The amped-up rally-race rock song perfectly suits the goofball footage of the nearly nude hog riders, who get up to all sorts of lewdness in the clip. We see some of the only-in-undies bunch making out on their bikes while whipping down the highway, with others simulating some stimulating self-lovin' with a frothy can of Bud. When the crew take a pit stop, one of the ladies rides and whips her dude, while another pair get randy and roll around near some marshy reeds.

You can watch the video below courtesy of Noisey.

"Family" comes off Khatib's impending Head in the Dirt LP, which drops April 30 through Innovative Leisure. He'll also be heading out on tour with the Black Angels, stopping at Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom May 14.