Hangout Handbook My Vancouver

Hangout Handbook My Vancouver
In our annual Hangout Handbook, Exclaim! asks some of our favourite artists to discuss the hidden gems in their hometowns. Here, Dan Mangan outlines his picks in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Narrow Lounge (1898 Main St.)

It's narrow. It's one of the hippest joints in town. It's generally packed, yet from the street there's no sign of action, not even a window. There's no sign, only a red light bulb. In Berlin, this would just be "a bar." In Vancouver, it's "a cool bar." (

Coco et Olive (3707 Main St.)

The name sounds like a handmade baby sock Etsy page, but there's no better sandwich in town than the Cascadia at C&O. The Salade Maison is killer, and the coffee is good. No chair matches any other chair.

Duck Pond at Jericho Beach

Third beach in Stanley Park is beautiful and isolated, but takes too long to get to. Wreck (nude) beach has the best view, and I used to get all naked down there in my early 20s, but I get recognized too frequently to go now. The grassy patch by the duck pond at Jericho is perfect for BBQ, the view is fantastic and there's shade if need be.

Red Cat Records (4332 Main St.)

There are other great record shops in town (Zulu, Highlife) but I feel the most at home at Red Cat. Staff are friendly, there's a great vinyl collection, and they won't make anybody feel uncool for not being up on the hippest shit. (

Billy Bishop Legion (1407 Laburnum St.)

There are rarely more than nine people inside and the bartender is usually grumpy. It's off the beaten bar-goer's path, and the entire thing is a relic. It feels like nothing has changed in 50 years. (

Dan Mangan is a Vancouver-based artist from Smithers, BC. He is currently at work recording demos for a new album as well as scoring Simon Pegg's upcoming film,
Hector and the Search for Happiness.