Hangout Handbook My Vancouver

Hangout Handbook My Vancouver
In our annual Hangout Handbook, Exclaim! asks some of our favourite artists to discuss the hidden gems in their hometowns. Here, the B-Lines' Ryan Dyck outlines his picks in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Red Wagon (2296 East Hastings St.)

I would eat here every morning if there wasn't always a line-up. The pulled pork pancakes are the perfect hangover remedy. (

Vancouver Canadians Baseball (4601 Ontario St.)

The Vancouver Canadians are a single A team, which means the players were picked around 200th in the draft and this is probably about as far as they're going to go in the game. Other teams in the league all have weird names like the Aqua-Sox but you usually forget who they are playing after beer four when the sunstroke starts to kick in.

Shameful Tiki Room (4362 Main St.)

I like tiki bars because they are the kind of place your grandparents went on a date in 1955. The Shameful Tiki has very, very strong drinks, painfully authentic mid-century decor and music and it's so dark that nobody can tell that you're ugly. (

The Black Lodge (630 Kingsway)

This Twin Peaks inspired bar is the place to go if you want to run into the aging musician set. They'll only tell you where it is if you've been playing music with limited success for at least a decade. Sit in a cozy log cabin, eat poutine, drink tall cans and listen to Thin Lizzy. You've earned it!

Ryan Dyck is the frontman for Vancouver-based hardcore outfit the B-Lines and owner of Hockey Dad Records. He's currently promoting new material for West coast up-and-comers the Courtneys and hopes to finish the B-Lines long-awaited studio album by the end of the year.