Hangout Handbook My Halifax

Hangout Handbook My Halifax
In our annual Hangout Handbook, Exclaim! asks some of our favourite artists to discuss the hidden gems in their hometowns. Here, Cousins' Aaron Mangle outlines his picks in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Cafe Aroma Latino (5780 North St.)

Guatemalan breakfast/lunch restaurant and a hidden gem. The women that run this place are amazing, the food is delicious, especially "Mexican breakfast," and the soups are unreal! Cafe Aroma Latino also has a small grocery section that features mole, dried peppers, and Mexican sodas.

Jubilee Junction (6273 Jubilee Rd.)

The best corner store in town and also the best place to ride or race your bike to on a hot summer night to grab homemade, custom ice cream sandwiches. They're really supportive of the local music scene.

General Café (1496 Lower Water St.)

Daina and Sam run the best cafe in town. It's only open on Saturdays at the Old Farmers Market (not to be confused with the New Shitty Farmers Market). They've got really nice decor, a great cup and plate selection and delicious treats to dunk in your cappuccino.

Lost & Found (2383 Agricola St.)

Vintage clothing store, local jewellery, small art gallery, Divorce Records distro and occasional music venue. L&F always has rad music playing, the clothes are superb, the staff rules and the vibe is unprecedented.

The Khyber (1588 Barrington St.)

The only music venue I frequent in Halifax is this artist-run centre. The shows are always rad, they're always hosted and promoted by artists, and always supported by the gallery staff and volunteers. It get's sweaty and loud, people are really welcoming and the bouncer Robert is the best in the biz. (

Aaron Mangle has lived in Halifax for almost a decade since moving for university. Cousins have finished a new record and will reveal details about it in due time.