Hanger 18 Sweep the Leg

Reading into the The Karate Kid reference in Hanger 18’s album title, this second album should be an unethical attack levelled against the very foundations of their more virtuous rap counterparts. Given that Alaska, Windnbreeze and producer DJ paWL have always been a little more relaxed and joke-y than the rest of their serious Def Jux counterparts, it appears they just found it funny/awesome and didn’t intend for it to represent some grand mission statement condemning all other rappers. Thank god, because that’s a recipe for disaster and Hanger 18 doesn’t use that cookbook. "Sad” is smooth, smart and should have been the first single, while "Baking Soda” features a Dungeon Fam-ish beat. "Dance With Me” sees Slug clubbin’ with the boys over some ominous Doctor Who-y synths and Blockhead complements paWL’s production with a couple of nice cuts. This is, in fact, more Miyagi than Cobra Kai: wise, mature and not concerned with appearances, toughness or toeing their Def Jux sensei’s line. (Def Jux)