Global Depression

HammerheadGlobal Depression
Global Depression is anchored by Hammerhead's sense of challenging noise rock. The band lurches through obtuse songcraft, but without angular pop sensibilities, Hammerhead aren't pushing their creative boundaries. They are clearly in their element on the self-titled opener, as they employ an array of dizzying riffs, and there are plenty of other impressive moments on tracks like "Outer Rim" and "Like A Wizard." Unfortunately, the latter half of the album is plagued by aimless ideas: the slovenly dirge of "Another Room" plods through an unmemorable progression, while the finale, "Descended From Apes," finds Hammerhead shambling around for two minutes, never quite managing to find focus.

Still, at times Hammerhead does manage to match the frenetic energy of Ethereal Killer and Into The Vortex, and the album's first half carries it. Even as Global Depression reaches its nadir in the back half, longtime fans of the band should find more than enough here to stay engaged. (Learning Curve Records)
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