Hamilton Leithauser and Paul Maroon "My Reward"

Hamilton Leithauser and Paul Maroon 'My Reward'
The prolific indie rock partnership of Hamilton Leithauser and Paul Maroon has provided fans with another post-Walkmen fix. Following their recent, self-released Dear God collection, the duo have delivered a loose heartbreaker titled "My Reward." You can treat yourself to the track via an online stream.

Fitting in nicely with the rest of their collected works, the track is a gently rustled, reverb-heavy anthem in the vein of the Walkmen's Heaven single "Love Is Luck," or perhaps "The Smallest Splinter" from Leithauser's 2014 solo set, Black Hours. Either way, it's another stirring, emotions-exploring effort from the team.

"Leave us peacefully," Leithauser sings at one point, with a straggled, juxtapositional screech and what sounds like an elementary school fire alarm punctuating his request. Despite this plea, the song is actually quite inviting.

You can give "My Reward" a listen down below.