Halifax's Khyber Gets Cousins, Duzheknew, Long, Long, Long for Benefit Comp

Halifax's Khyber Gets Cousins, Duzheknew, Long, Long, Long for Benefit Comp
Located in a historical building on Halifax's Barrington Street, the Khyber Arts Society has been working with local artists and musicians since 1994. The art centre was even immortalized on hometown hero Joel Plaskett's decade-old album Down at the Khyber. Now, Halifax's next generation of bands have come together for a cassette compilation to benefit the centre.

The Khyber Compilation, Vol. 1 features a wide array of upcoming talent in Halifax, from the '90s-ready indie rock of Play Guitar and crushing, noisy garage of Bloodhouse to the outsider pop of Duzheknew and the frenetic party rock of Cousins. Local heroes Long, Long, Long make an appearance as well and so do Trash Heap, their R&B side-project.

According to an official statement, all proceeds from the Khyber Compilation, Vol. 1 will go towards "the Khyber and all its future renovations, endeavours, aspirations, hopes and dreams."

The cassette will be limited to 200 copies and released on February 5 with a live performance from Cousins and more. A Facebook page for the event can be found here.

A side:

 1. Cousins - "Khyber"

2. Soaking Up Jagged - - "Parade"

3. Fresh Flesh - "Space Diamonds"

4. Special Noise - "Synth"

5. Cactus Flower - "JoJo Banks"

6. It Kills - TBA

7. Secret Colours - TBA

8. Fuck Montreal - "Anchors"

9. Duzheknew - "Ghrrgh"

B side:

1. Bloodhouse - TBA

2. Trash Heap - "U Make Me Wanna"

3. Play Guitar - "Braughtigan"

4. Mean Wind - "Down 4 The Count"

5. Bad Vibrations - "Hang Around"

6. Datacave - TBA

7. Crosss - "Sacred Cow"

8. Catbag - "Jesus God, A Fatlip"

9. Rhythm Method - "I'm Pregnant"

10. Pastoralia - "Fuscia of Architecture"