Halford Metal God Essentials Volume One

How is it that when left to his own devices, singer Rob Halford always seems to mix ingenious ideas with ludicrous schemes? Tied down to the confines of fronting Judas Priest must mean he has to waylay or reconsider abhorrent notions like the cover of this otherwise gem of a compilation. The horrifically cheesy image depicting our beloved falsetto-crooning metal master riding a demonic motorcycle in the fiery pits of Hades is dangerous — it could put off even his most religious fans. Then again, they probably own most of this decidedly meaty collection that comprises both his ’90s post-Judas Priest project Fight, as well as his more recent solo efforts. The CD portion of the package features shredding pieces of borderline thrash such as "Resurrection,” "Screaming In The Dark,” "Into The Pit” and more. Bolstered by an equally stunning DVD crammed with demos, "behind the scenes” footage, videos and more, the tangible copy of this album (it was available as a download for months prior to physical release) is, well, essential, if you can get past the god-awful visual aesthetics even Danzig would shun. (Metal God)