Håkan Lidbo Fishing in Deep Area

Håkan Lidbo is a prolific Swedish producer who is well known to the tech-house community. In the past two or three years he has released over 40 EPs, singles and albums, and has done just as many remixes and compilation appearances. Most are straight-ahead tech-house. This album features that style of music, along with more traditional house and a few travels into electro and break beats. It is a continuous mix of new tracks. There are quite a few good ones, including "Overnight,” with a sexy jazz saxophone lick, "Milkman,” with its swirling bass line, and the deep spaciness of "Botox Beauties.” I find it hard to point out any bad tracks. Near the end of the mix, the tracks break away from house and move into a variety of slower grooves. "Wrong Step” is a little experimental, and brings an interesting twist to the album. The album ends with the crazy electro of the all too short "The Big ‘O’.” I would love an entire album of tracks like this. (Trigger)