Haim That Tent, Manchester TN, June 13

HaimThat Tent, Manchester TN, June 13
Photo: Sarah Murphy
Este, Danielle and Alana Haim may have had an early evening slot on the first night of the festival, but the sibling trio started things off right. Storming the stage with their oddly charming blend of indie rock and '90s R&B, each sister took on vocal and percussion duties in addition to their regular roles on bass, guitar and keyboards. Este was endlessly entertaining to watch as she got into her bass zone, grooving along enthusiastically, but never missing a cue. Danielle stood out centre stage, showing That Tent that she knows how shred, while Alana — the baby of the group — provided extra guitar, plus keyboards. The catchiness of songs like "Better Off," "Falling," "Don't Save Me" and "Falling" translates really well to a live environment, demonstrated by the multiple crowd clap-alongs. The most memorable moment of the set undoubtedly came during "Send Me Down," though, when Este left the stage to comply with an audience sign. She jumped into the crowd to meet a toddler holding a "KISS ME ESTE" poster board, then brought the kid back onstage to a sea of laughs, "aw"s and rapturous applause. Though fans are still awaiting a debut full-length from Haim, they're live set gives reason to suggest that this young band will be exciting for some time to come.