Hades Damnation

Of the three bands Alan Tecchio fronted through the '80s and '90s, why, oh why, does he choose to reform the worst of the lot? His new-found musical energy would be better suited to getting alt-metal pioneers Non Fiction back in the saddle, or at the very least trying to convince the guys from Watchtower that another album would be a good thing. If you were around in the mid- to late '80s - or even two years ago when this New Jersey troupe first reformed - you can probably guess what this sounds like today. This is the kind of lunk-headed, scaled down, sub-Sacred Reich power/thrash that me and my metalhead friends laughed at back in '87.Hades hasn't done much to change their sound (except go to a better studio), and my opinion of the band hasn't changed much with the times either. (Metal Blade)