Hacride Deviant Current Signals

The strange progression of each Hacride song is nothing short of inspiring. The initial attention grabber is the constantly morphing riffs flowing together flawlessly, the transitions naturally perpetuating themselves forward through an often challenging but completely coherent channel. The throat-shredding vocals have enough of a peculiar high pitched edge to differentiate them from the generic barks that front many tech metal bands, complimenting the eclectic nature of the music effectively. Their take on tech surveys a massive amount of territory, dabbling heavily in Neuraxis, Meshuggah and Death, but despite these obvious influences, they don’t limit themselves to a particular set of bands. Their sound is cleverly engineered to be incredibly energetic and compelling. They jump from melody laden blast beats into mosh grooves, subtlety working their way into a squealing meltdown before a bona fide shred session. They’re constantly incorporating strange digital sounds to give the music a disturbing and aberrant quality throughout. They aren’t afraid to slow the song down and dwell in more outwardly melodic moments, occasionally delving into borderline industrial, Devin Townsend prog breathers, once even visiting a Middle Eastern inspired bridge. With the remarkable amount of progressive savvy Deviant Current Signals contains, it’s safe to say it is the most promising debut of 2005. (Listenable)