Hackman The New Normal

While juvenility reigns supreme on The New Normal, an air of ability emerges from primarily instrumental groove rock outfit Hackman. Then again, when the members’ resumes include boogie rock heavyweights such as Roadsaw, Lamont and Milligram, there’s no denying that the Boston-based trio will get it together eventually. With this effort though, despite stable song structures, an obvious keenness for their craft and even the occasional vocals, the album does feel copycat-ish. Comparisons to defunct instrumental chugging predecessors Karma To Burn are inevitable, and while those shoes desperately need filling, they’re large ones. Still, the potential is there. Once Hackman become more comfortable in those shoes they might even stretch them out a size or two. The humorous tones are quite enjoyable, demonstrated by song titles such as "You Can’t Even Get What You Want,” "I Don’t Need This Shit, I Played Budokan” and "Fuck You, I Played Altamont.” It proves they’re pleasantly high-spirited and laissez-faire even when hammering out a stoner-ish drone with the requisite meaty low-end. (Small Stone) (Small Stone)