Haazz And Company Unlawful Noise

Another rotisserie league free jazz session where the fan gets to hear the results of a "what if?" joining of talents. Under recognised Dutch pianist Kees Hazevoet has assembled a super-group that produced this 52-minute slab of energy music. The reeds are composed of Peter Brotzmann, Peter and Han Bennink, and sometimes Hazevoet. Disappointed that Han Bennink is not drumming up his usual mayhem? Don't be. The "rhythm section" is composed of formidable South Africans Johnny Dyani on bass, and Louis Moholo on drums. In free jazz, it's so obvious to start soft and get loud, but these guys hit the ground running with a tapestry of furious clarinets and tenor sax. There are no themes; it's all just pure interplay. As each participant is a master of free improv, everyone has their moments and no one hogs the spotlight. There is something of a Master Musicians of Jajouka feeling to this CD. It's one unedited, wailing crescendo until the master tape craps out some 15 minutes into the proceedings. Moholo has a Korean drum in his arsenal and pounds the crap out of it throughout - lending a Far Eastern accent sonically, if not rhythmically. Curiously, Hazevoet is probably the least impressive member here, as this music begs to be compared with Cecil Taylor, and he's no Cecil. It's good stuff through and through, though. (Atavistic)