Ha! The Disco Ah! Vodkaville

Alt-country artists tend to sound like edgy, angry young punks who've grown up and grown tired. Indeed, many of them are. The edge is worn down by heartache and liquor and the anger toned by resignation. This alchemy makes its appearance on the debut EP Vodkaville by San Francisco's Ha! The Disco Ah! The duo of Mark Rodgers and Liana Allday provide the world-weary voices for their co-written clever turns of phrase, as in "Call On My Saviour" and "Seven and a Half Minute Cigarette." Accompanied by little more than an acoustic guitar and a few handclaps, Ha! The Disco Ah! bears repeated listening as Vodkaville grows on you. It won't necessarily cheer you up, but you'll feel comforted by the fact you're not alone. Vodkaville is whiskey for the parched, cynical and broken hearted. (Yapimadigg)