Gwar War Party

Hard (impossible, actually) to comprehend that the Gwar machine just keeps rolling on, now with a new label in tow and some serious musical skills intact. That last point is something that’s been looming for a long time now, as each album in the Gwar saga (and I must confess to missing a couple here and there) has become more serious musically, even as the blood & sperm continues to fly on stage and Oderus Urungus’ lyrics maintain their inane and entertaining child-like hatred for everything. But on War Party there’s a more political bend to the lyrics, and the tunes are a real surprise. On opener, "Bring Back the Bomb,” the band employs some sharp riffing that sounds more like Lamb of God than the comedy-metal of Gwar’s past. Elsewhere though, that bouncy, speedy, punked-up, what’s-it metal the band is known for is in full force. A talented Gwar is a strange conundrum indeed; are people really going to want to sit around listening to this? Who knows, but the live show is still untouchable. (DRT)