Gwar Violence Has Arrived

It's fucking incredible, but Gwar have released eight albums. Chew on that for a while, and while doing so, be sure to give this album at least one listen. This group of adult comic book jokesters have long been known for their totally wild, "tongue in cheek," gore-filled live shows and hilarious lyrical concepts. However, their sharp wit when dealing with society's problems (seriously!) and musical talent gets overlooked too often. Sure, they're neither Rage Against the Machine, nor Yes, but they have brains and talent nonetheless, it's just buried underneath the piles of campy violence, bizarre horror movie plots involving the band, and the ultra-goofy vibe their music will always contain. Speaking of their music, it's a kind of hoppy kiddie hard rock with hilarious vocals and enough happening in each song to keep your attention. As usual, it's sort of a one-trick pony, but I find myself increasingly wanting to get back on the old horse, as sick as it is. Gwar know how to get a laugh, and in a really subversive way sometimes. Check out the completely hilarious cover art and the best song title of the year, "Anti-Anti-Christ. (Metal Blade)