Guttermouth Covered with Ants

These snotty punk rockers have been arrested, shot at, threatened, burned, and have even been banned from Canada. Covered with Ants is their sixth full-length effort and easily their best. Mark Adkins's vocals just keep getting snottier, his words more sarcastic, and his performance more obnoxious. Moreover, Guttermouth's middle finger stance to just about everyone and everything, including their fans, is hysterical. "Can I Borrow Some Ambition," "What You Like About Me," "Black Enforcers" and "I Won't See you in the Pit," are by far the most pungent tracks on this release. However, nothing quite says Guttermouth like the album closer "Cram It Up Your Ass." Could this be Guttermouth's subtle way of telling the listener, "Fuck you if you don't like this recording?" (Epitaph)