Guster Satellite: EP

Guster released their fifth studio album in 2006, Ganging Up on the Sun, but apparently that was not enough because now they have an EP for us to sink our teeth into. "Satellite” is the name of one of their most intriguing songs to date, and this EP seems to be dedicated to its existence. Previously released as the second single for Ganging Up, this EP starts off with said song and later you’ll hear a dancier, yet still very contained, remix of it by the Astronauts. The Massachusetts band are talented with their organic indie rock, which is in the same vein as Death Cab for Cutie, and "Satellite” has many mainstream turn-ons. However, there is something for the diehards! Check out the acoustic Beatles cover of "Two of Us” or the clappy, twangy "G Major,” which is definitely a B-side of Ganging Up. If you were under the impression that Guster were three ordinary dudes playing acoustics together with clean vocals, you may be mistaken, as the last cut is a live version of Bonnie Tyler’s "Total Eclipse of the Heart,” a very messy and rough version that proves Guster are just some dudes out to have a good time! This EP provides us with a new perspective and some catchy-as-hell rock tunes. (Reprise)