Gus Gus Join Kompakt's Ranks for 24/7

Gus Gus Join Kompakt's Ranks for <i>24/7</i>
Iceland's chameleon-like techno/house/avant dance group Gus Gus are currently prepping their sixth studio album, 24/7, for a September 14 release. The record, their first for Germany-based electronic music powerhouse Kompakt, promises to be the next chapter in this band's ever-changing musical journey. And by the sound of the first single, we're intrigued.

Apparently, core members Daní­el Ágúst, President Bongo (aka Stephan Stephensen) and Biggy Veira (aka Birgir Ržórarinsson) have got in touch with their dance floor side, with the PR saying they've brought more "streamlined grooves into the sound world of Gus Gus." Also, they've brought along a bit of extra musical muscle, by way of eccentric Warp Records crooner Jimi Tenor, who guests on a remake of his 1994 hit "Take Me Baby."

24/7 is the group's first album since 2007's Forever and was recently preceded by first single "Add This Song," which came out June 22, with with remixes by Lopazz & Zarook, Gluteus Maximus, Patrick Chardronnet and Klovn.

Gus Gus, in turn, have done remixes for the likes of Björk, Depeche Mode, Moloko and Sigur Rós.


1. "Thin Ice"

2. "Hateful"

3. "On the Job"

4. "Take Me Baby" (feat. Jimi Tenor)

5. "Bremen Cowboy"

6. "Add This Song"