GusGus Mixed Live

The weird and wondrous Icelandic collective Gus Gus (pronounced like the Mediterranean dish couscous) appropriately moved in 2002 from their initial label 4AD to Moonshine Records — a label that houses techno DJs like Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox — bringing with them both their ever-shifting membership and sound. Moonshine's Mixed Live series presents DJ sets with a live sound on stereo by placing mikes in the audience and allowing the clinking of glasses, crowd cheers and seamless mixes to merge as a total sound experience. Gus Gus approaches this format with candid quirkiness, presenting a set at the only "tropical bar" in the Arctic Circle called Sirkus (in the famous city of Reykjavik, Iceland). Their mix is muddy, sexy techno, never sounding cold and filled with suggestive freaky sex themes from Captain Comatose's "Price Gun Baby,” Louie Austen's "Grab My Shaft" and their own "David" with its sensual, naughty vocals. The additional DVD is a treat for fans and newcomers alike, with its witty, disjointed interview session conducted with three members of the collective in a car in the middle of a flat, grey, cold landscape, likely in Reykjavik. There are also two videos, as well as stills of the members and a trailer showcasing global dance parties, as well as the CD mix in surround sound. Overall, Gus Gus approach Moonshine's Mixed Live with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, which keeps it surprisingly fresh. (Moonshine)