Guru's Passing, Vandals' Variety Lawsuit and the Dark Side of Record Store Day in This Week's News Round-Up

Guru's Passing, Vandals' <i>Variety</i> Lawsuit and the Dark Side of Record Store Day in This Week's News Round-Up
Once again, we're back with Exclaim!'s weekend package: News Round-Up, which gathers all the week's top stories in one convenient, link-filled place.

Unfortunately, death again tops this week's round-up. On Monday (April 19), influential hip-hop artist Guru died of cancer. While there is some confusion over the actual age of the Gang Starr rapper (some reports say he was 43, while others believe he was 47 or 48), it's nothing compared to the controversy surrounding his death, with many of Guru's friends and family members questioning the motives of the rapper's producer and spokesmen Solar.

Also this week, we had the Vandals getting sued by Variety magazine over some logo they don't even use anymore, the CRTC denying AUX TV's application for a French-language station, that Oasis stage invader being sentenced to 12 months of house arrest, and Courtney Love supposedly ditching the "Love" from her name (her publicist is now backpedalling and denying the name change).

Back on the Canadian music front, Caribou revealed he's enlisted Fuck Buttons for some remixing and releasing another tour-only CD, while prima donna Rufus Wainwright let his fans know he's enforcing a no-clapping ban at his shows.

And finally, want to know how much those Record Store Day exclusive sell for now? Well, just click here.