Guns N' Roses Leaker Arrested By FBI

Guns N' Roses Leaker Arrested By FBI
As previously reported, a preliminary leak of the long-anticipated Guns N’ Roses record Chinese Democracy surfaced on the Antiquiet blog. While the songs were around long enough for listeners to get a taste of the music, the site was quickly served a cease-and-desist and took down the songs without a fight.

On early Wednesday, August 27, however, shit got real when Kevin Cogill, the blogger responsible for the leaks, was arrested by the FBI in his Culver City home. Now in the Bureau’s custody, there is no way of knowing when Cogill will be released. In a post titled Abbie Hoffman, Where Are You?, fellow Antiquiet blogger Jonny Firecloud shared his feelings on the situation:

Skwerl got himself hauled in by the FBI today over this whole GNR/Chinese Democracy leak fiasco, which seems to mean that people take this whole copyright thing pretty seriously. We weren’t going to make a big spectacle of this, since it’s obviously a pretty serious situation, but the plankton hacks over at the Los Angeles Times managed to pick up on the story and run it a highly suspicious impressive two hours after the incident went down. So here we are.

In all likelihood, he’ll be back fighting the good fight from his couch by this evening. But anyone who feels like getting as equally theatrical as the feds (who were anything but quiet and graceful during their ass-crack-of-dawn descent on Skwerl’s sleepy house this morning) can come show their support with Britney and I today at the L.A. District Court on 255 East Temple. 2 PM. Bring your MP3 players.

In the meantime, well-wishes in the comments, lawyer-fund donations in the PO Box, and on we rock.

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