Gundei (aka Grandmaster Garner) Propagundei

The newest twelve-inch from Gundei sounds typical of the hip-hop coming from the Mount Real. This time around Gundei comes a little more solid than he did on his last single, “The Solution/Baby, I’m A Star” twelve-inch released under the name Grandmaster Garner. However, like that last single the newest one hits on one song and fails with another. “Propagundei” is a smooth reggae-influenced jam with some nice political lyrics and great instrumental choices by producer Haig V and live trombone added by Dave Hodge. The track that fails, “Good Times,” is also produced by Haig V and happens to be one of those boring rap/R&B blends, creating a mostly stagnant track. Luckily, Gundei has added an extra third track, “Dat Shit,” which sounds like a mix between the Wu-Tang Clan and some early ’90s hip-hop. Also produced by Haig V, this is the track that will probably get the underground appeal from the fans who want hard-edged lyrics over a RZA track. Guest appearances from Etranjj and Sergio Bijimine with Comatoze help to add a bit of variety to the single while the appearance of two different DJs throughout the song is not really as noticeable as you would think it should be. And, there’s some French lyrics, too. Bonus. (Zoobone)