The Gulf Stream Cinematic Landscape

The Gulf StreamCinematic Landscape
With their second EP of 2012, the Gulf Stream provide the listener with four more streaks of electronic chemtrails. Keeping with their blend of rounded beats and clouded melodies, the Montreal duo chose to stick close to the script on Cinematic Landscape. Covering just 15 minutes of space, much of the EP explores singular ideas, as "Turquoise" and "Grid as a Third Wheel" structurally resemble production house muzak more than that of other similar-minded artists such as Keyboard Kid and Clams Casino. With a production sound that's both lifeless and plastic, "Anatares" and "Sin Solarium" come off D.O.A. before each song can enter its mid-track payoff. Performance-wise, Cinematic Landscape is a fine example of post-hip-hop ambience, but it's the Gulf Stream's execution of the material that leaves a chromatic, artificial taste in your mouth. (Independent)