GuiltTRIP hail from Nova Scotia, which is cool to see, as I don't think I've heard of a metal band from the Maritimes for a long time now. These guys aren't entirely metal, though, but definitely lean on the heavy side of things. The riffs are the kind that you get stuck in your head when you're walking around, just generic heavy grooves (or is that just me?). The vocals are sort of well sung, and all in all it's not bad, sort-of-heavy, almost grunge-y, middle of the road stuff. Very Canadian. A nice plus with bands like these is that they're a bit more willing to just play whatever comes to them naturally, as opposed to a more well-established band who may feel a bit more restricted to what people want to hear. So, we get cool parts like the breakdown thing-y in "This Place Is Killing Me." That doesn't save the disc from being a snoozer, though, which, for me, it is. (Independent)