Gui Boratto


Gui BorattoAbaporu
Putting out nine separate 12-inch singles and remixes since the release of his last album (2011's III), Gui Boratto comes off sounding more confident and hungry on his fourth full-length, the multichromatic Abaporu. Naming his album after and basing its cover art on one of Brazil's most famous works of art, much of the music on Abaporu seems to mimic the painting's slinky, skewed and freehand feel.

Although Boratto does a terrific job mimicking the campiness of bachelor-pad electro (similar to what Todd Terje did on this year's It's Album Time) on "Antropfagia" and "Where I Belong," the Brazilian DJ also attempts to capture '90s dance floor techno on vocal-infused tracks like "Get the Party Started" and "Too Late," often pulling the listener out of the album's genre-fuelled paradigm. At 13 tracks and close to 70 minutes in length, Abaporu just contains too many (albeit many terrific) ideas and stylistic flourishes to properly cohere as a singular work. (Kompakt)
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