GUH L'Autre Nuit

Writers have been wrestling with the music of Toronto, ON's Guh for over a decade. Not quite jazz, not quite classical, not quite rock, this self-proclaimed "compositional workshop" have ambitiously fractured musical boundaries since their inception in the '90s. L'Autre Nuit serves to underline Guh's status as a group of genre-benders while focusing solely on the compositions of trumpeter Brian Cram. Featuring two live shows from 1996 ― one at the Music Gallery, when it was located on Richmond Street, and one at the Rivoli ― the disc finds the group numbering 14 members, mostly horns and woodwinds. The two sets share three pieces ― there are a total of five different songs presented over eight tracks ― and this highlights the differences in recording fidelity and room dynamics. L'Autre Nuit documents Guh's expressive live show while demonstrating their innate ability to craft an indefinable sound. (Unmanageable)