Gucci Mane and Marilyn Manson Team Up in the Studio

Gucci Mane and Marilyn Manson Team Up in the Studio
Atlanta trap god Gucci Mane has already delivered a few mixtapes and his Trap House 3 album this year, but we may have even more new music coming from the prolific rapper that pairs him with an unlikely partner: goth rocker Marilyn Manson.

An interview with Fader had Mane confirming that he recorded a song called "Fancy Bitch" with the spooky singer last March, following the Los Angeles premiere of Spring Breakers. According to the rapper, they had met on the red carpet and quickly took the party to a recording studio, where they worked on the song until 6 a.m.

Mane told Fader:

That's my boy man. We got the dopest record in the world, me and Marilyn. Me and him got one of the craziest records ever made. We made it whatever day Spring Breakers came out in Cali. He came to the sneak premiere, and after we did the red carpet and watched the movie, me and him went to the studio and made us a record. That's the day that we met and began being friends. He's cool as hell, I fuck with him hard. He ain't the averagest white boy. He got swag. Me and him together, he don't get on my nerves. I can stomach being around him. He cool.

It's unclear when "Fancy Bitch" will hit our ears, but if you needed more proof around their budding friendship, Manson recently wore a "Free Gucci Mane" tank top in a pic the rapper posted on Instagram. You can see it up above.

Of the pic, Mane quipped: "My partna @marilynmanson said this his 'Gucci Unchained' movie pose."

As Fader points out, Mane has referenced Manson on record, rapping "Sitting in my mansion / Listening to Marilyn Manson," on "Overboard" from 2009's The Movie Part 2. You can stream that song down below.