Gucci Mane "Weirdo" (video)

Gucci Mane 'Weirdo' (video)
Considering all the wacky hijinks Gucci Mane gets up to, the name of his new single seems beyond appropriate. The clip for "Weirdo" begins with a public warning that Gucci's escaped from jail, so "hide your wife, hide your kids." The orange jumpsuit-sporting rapper makes his way to a sexy criminal doctor to get a face job. After all, you tend to be pretty identifiable when you have a giant ice cream cone tattooed on your mug. A thick beat and some synth squelches score the tune as Mr. Zone 6 proceeds drops the hook, "Weirdo/WEIRDO!/I'm a weirdo."

Meanwhile, the cleavage-revealing professional proceeds to clean Gucci's visage, rubs her palms over his cheeks, wraps up his face in gauze and then proceeds to unravel the dressing and lets him go. Uh, we might have missed something, but that's not how reconstructive surgery works, and dude still has that tat by the end of the video. What a weirdo.

Check out the clip below, courtesy of World Star Hip Hop.