GU Mixed: 3John Digweed / Various Transitions Vol.4

John Digweed, the DJ who helped define progressive house, along with DJ Alexander Coe (aka Sasha), never drops off the radar for long. His latest release, Transitions Vol.4, is proof of that. Since September of 2000, Digweed has hosted a weekly radio show, Transitions, where he performs a personal DJ set followed by a guest DJ. The show’s popularity has allowed for the release of the Transitions series mix albums, dropped roughly every six months. Transitions Vol.4 is an incorporation of invention and imagination by Digweed. His precision with his work is evident, as heard with his flawless mixes, not to mention Digweed’s personal touch, which gives the Transitions series a boundless energy and allowed him to hold serve as one of the most respected DJs in the world. The ten-track disc plays with prog house, traces of dirty electro and the slightest touch of techno to produce a warm, high-energy album. (Thrive)