The Gruesomes Tyrants Of Teen Trash

Unmistakeable, unforgettable and entirely lovable, the Gruesomes have been Canada’s premiere trash/garage rock quartet for well over two decades. Strange then, that their debut effort, Tyrants Of Teen Trash, is only now seeing the light of day on CD, some 22 years after its initial release. Ignoring such an oversight, this collection of 17 timeless bits of hippie-esque, twangy and slightly gritty rock’n’roll is still as upbeat and catchy as ever. From surf-influenced instrumental "Bikers From Hell” to "I Never Loved Her” and "Unchain My Heart,” this punky blues rock has simplicity, snottiness and a tongue-in-cheek aspect that are sorely missing in modern rock’n’roll. Offset with bonus Jack The Ripper EP tracks, Tyrants Of Teen Trash is essential to both the history and future of bare bones Canadian rockers. (Ricochet Sound)