Grouper's Liz Harris Announces Debut LP with Helen

Grouper's Liz Harris Announces Debut LP with Helen
Almost two years ago, Liz Harris dropped a 7-inch single from a new project going by the name Helen. It featured fuzzed-out lo-fi pop jams "Dying All the Time" and "Felt This Way," but following its release, Harris returned to her work as Grouper, releasing 2014's Ruins LP.
Now, though, Helen is back, and the group have revealed details of their debut full-length album. It'll be called The Original Faces, and it's due out on September 4 via Kranky.
In addition to Harris, the band consists of Jed Bindeman and Scott Simmons. The three-piece have also unveiled a brand new tune titled "Motorcycle." Clocking in at under two minutes, it's a short, sweet cut of shoegaze-y goodness, and you can hear it in the player at the bottom of the page.
The album artwork is pictured above, and you can scroll past the tracklistingbelow to give "Motorcycle" a listen.
The Original Faces:
1. Ryder
2. Motorcycle
3. Covered in Shade
4. Felt This Way
5. Pass Me By
6. Right Outcome
7. Allison
8. Dying All the Time
9. Grace
10. City Breathing
11. Violet
12. The Original Faces