Grouper "Demona" (Dead Moon cover)

Grouper 'Demona' (Dead Moon cover)
Between her upcoming collaboration with the Bug and the newly announced Mirroring project with Tiny Vipers, Portland ambient folkster Grouper (aka Liz Harris) has a packed 2012 ahead of her. Those group efforts aren't stopping the musician from launching a few strictly solo sessions, however, as proved with this cover of Dead Moon's 1989 number "Demona".

Grouper toasts the classic Oregon punkers by doing what she does best, stripping the original's rough and spiky delivery for something more washed out. The guitars are still distorted, but they play more like a hazy, Novocain daydream than the cranked, sweat-and-beer-soaked stacks we're used to hearing on the cut, while her halftime take turns the vocal melody into an almost angelic church hymn.

You can check the tune, which appears on an exclusive seven-inch with the latest issue of Yeti Magazine, below.