Grooveshark Relaunches with "Tip Jar"

Grooveshark Relaunches with "Tip Jar"
Controversial streaming service Grooveshark has come under fire in the past for posting illicitly obtained copyrighted material for its listeners, which resulted in a $17 billion dollar lawsuit from major labels EMI, Universal, Sony and Warner in 2011. The company is now hoping to turn a new leaf via an upcoming relaunch that will include a "tip jar" as an offering to artists.

In a blog post, Grooveshark revealed that, starting November 1, the site will continue to let its followers stream music for free, but it will now come with several new features. High among them is a new function where you'll now have the option to make a donation to an artist you follow through the service. Artists also now have the option of creating their own profiles to collect said donations and are being told they can also add or delete their material from the site. Grooveshark will offer statistics regarding stream counts as well.

While the website is apparently trying to extend the olive branch to musicians via the "tip jar," Universal had previously accused Grooveshark execs and employees of posting pirated songs and not properly remunerating the artists whose songs they were said to have pinched.

Besides the tip function, the new version of the site will include several new social features, where users can watch their friends' music choices in real time, as well as get suggestions about new music based on their musical preferences. Also, you will be able to post updates, as well as share songs and playlists, on other social media platforms.
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