Groove Armada Lovebox

Having spawned an entire legion of "chill-out" artists with 1999's "At the River," UK duo Tom Findlay and Andy Cato - otherwise known as Groove Armada - leave their down-tempo roots to seek out less trodden musical landscapes. Although vestiges of their early work can still be heard on slow and sultry tracks like "Remember" and "Think Twice...," Lovebox is largely a plunge into a sea of cross-cultural influences. From the blues-drenched opener and first single "Purple Haze" to the frenzied ragga rhythms of "Final Shakedown," Lovebox is anything but a typical down-tempo album, or a series of laidback house grooves. The album closes with the upbeat ska tune "But I Feel Good," a parting reminder that Groove Armada is no longer content to just chill out. (Zomba)