Grooms "Cross Off" (video)

Grooms 'Cross Off' (video)
Brooklyn noise-pop outfit Grooms are set to unleash their latest LP Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair next week, and in advance of the release, they've shared a new clip for "Cross Off."
The new album follows up 2013's Infinity Caller, though frontman Travis Johnson remains the band's only original member in place. He recruited drummer Steve Levine, who also stars in the new video — getting a rather startling new look, courtesy of some over-enthusiastic makeup artists.
Think he looks familiar? Yup, that was Levine in the series opener of Better Call Saul this week. He starred as a skateboarding con-artist in the Breaking Bad spinoff, alongside his real-life brother Daniel Levine.
Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair is out February 17 via Western Vinyl. You can watch the video for "Cross Off" below.